Business Development Consulting and Training

Project Records

Case 01

New Service Development

incuBase conducted consulting project for a major BtoB service company to examine, design and develop new services targeting new customer segments.
This project achieved to release their new service in six months, through the process of reorganize and rebuild business structure and value proposition of their current services.

Case 02

Strategic BPR
/Business Process Re-engineering

incuBase conducted BPR consulting project for a major BtoBtoC service company to optimize their current business.
This project successfully realized positive cycle between their productivity enhancement and employee’s job retention in approximately 6 months, through the process to unveil their business structure and clarify Key Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators, and to install them well.

Case 03

Business Process Visualization

incuBase conducted consulting project for a major service company, to structuralize business process and build original application to monitor Key Performance Indicators. Our client needed to “visualize their business activity and manage properly”.
This project succeeded to develop the application through agile method, and to enhance collaboration of the management team and planning staffs. The application was successfully released in about six months.

Case 04

Facilitating Strategic Business Plan

incuBase conducted consulting project to make the medium-term management plan for a venture company in service industry.
We facilitated to build their business strategy, making scenario, top line and income simulation, and message with verbalization of their vision, missions, and values.
This project made top executive their idea clear, and their business plan fixed in 3 months.

Case 05

Re-Building Recruiting Strategy

incuBase conducted consulting project of recruitment strategy for a midsize service company. Our client had build the medium-term business plan, but lacked recruitment strategy. We clarified the underlying issues and identify specific solution, showing how to organize their recruiting team.
This project promoted their recruitment strategy through examination focusing on true fundamental issues. For instance, target selection following their business characteristic, message examination showing their characteristic, etc.

Case 06

Facilitation of Business Succession

incuBase facilitated business problem solving about owner‘s succession plan for mid-size manufacturing company. This project covers various issues, such as organization after succession, planning of new business, business expansion strategy, and their private and emotional entanglement, etc.

Case 07

New System Solution Study

incuBase conducted planning, examination and proposal for a major HR System solution company, targeting new product and solution development.

Case 08

New Solution
Proposition and Incubation

incuBase proposed hidden but high possibility of new solution development in one industry. This project carried out by cooperative development with a major service company.
This project leads innovation which may change the structure of one industry.

Case 09

Practical and Hands-on
Training for Next Leaders

incuBase provide the practical training program for next-leaders mainly from late 20′s to 30′s.
This training takes about two months, custom made, in order to acquire the means of new business development, like frameworks and essences of view points through their own new business proposal as practical.


Hisashi Tachikawa


Representative Director

The Graduate School of Project Design (Professional Graduate School), 2018

Dokkyo University (Faculty of Foreign Languages, Department of English), 1999

Started career at Information Services International-DENTSU, Ltd. (ISID) in 1999, engaged as a project manager of system integration for banking, accounting, and analysis.

Joined RECRUIT AGENT (RECRUIT CAREER, at present) in 2005, and engaged as a business developer, and a manager of business planning team and consulting team.Succeeded various business development projects, approximately billions income business scale.

Awarded the excellent market management prize (2012), the best prize of excellent market managements (2011).

Have advantage especially in business development focusing on “creation and realization”, through integrative approach of business planning, infrastructure building, and team management.

Established incuBase Co.,Ltd in 2013, mainly conduct consulting and training of business development

Global Career Development Facilitator(Japan), CCE, Inc.

incuBase Co., Ltd.
BizSmart Yoyogi 1-25-5 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
August 8, 2013
Main financing bank
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Marunouchi branch
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